Examples of my work in television and video.

Here’s a link to part one of an Episode of this current season’s Tiny Plastic Men I did the music for:

Here’s the pilot episode of Tiny Plastic Men. This episode I did music & sound design:

This one was created for sketch comedy TV show CAUTION: May Contain Nuts for which I composed all three seasons of music for. I recorded everything and wrote the song with Ryan Parker, Sheldon Elter, Matt Alden, and Jeff Hallaby (all seen singing in the video).


Here’s another from CAUTION: May Contain Nuts. I created the beats and worked on lyrics with Jeff Hallaby, and Matt Alden (All three of us can be seen performing this one).


Here’s an animation for TV show E-Town which I did music & sound for. It’s got an 80’s family TV show vibe going on. I also recorded the actors voice overs on this one.


Here’s a monster truck commercial I did music & sound design for:

Here’s a trailer for a horror/comedy feature I did music & sound design for recently for Bite TV:

It was broken up into on line webisodes. You can watch the whole thing here: Truckstop Bloodsuckers.

Here’s another classic from CAUTION: May Contain Nuts.