Here are some sounds.

Here are a couple tracks of my music from the 2012 Maggie Tree production of Hroses, an affront to reason, by Jill Connell, presented by. I designed the sound for the show in a twelve channel system with speakers throughout the theatre. Placing speakers on stage, above the stage, behind the audience, and even a wireless one inside a moving mechanical horse allowed me to envelope the audience in the world. I was nominated for outstanding sound design for a play in the 2012 Edmonton Sterling Awards for this show.

In the second track here “Hroses Ventilation Shaft Singers 2.5” I had different voices coming different places in the theatre. In the storyline there was a nation of miners underground who would sometimes sing into their ventilation shafts. I also added extra tube reverb effects to simulate different lengths of shafts. It was fun to do.

These next two tracks are from Azimuth Theatre‘s 2012 production of Apocalypse Prairie. Both tracks were originally written for piano & voice by Laura Raboud. I was given the honor of rearranging selections of Laura’s music chosen for the show. The following two tracks are demos that I created during the rehearsal/development stage. The show versions, performed live were different still. On this show I was nominated for outstanding musical direction.


Here’s a track I wrote performed & mixed for sketch comedy show E-Town that aired on Bite TV:



Here’s a mix I did of a live performance that I recorded and mixed for The Ave We Had, A Living History. ON this performance I was mixing and triggering music and sound effects live.